Definitive Edition offers a Battle Royale mode

To all those who have certain years, you will know how legendary this strategy saga is and especially Age Of Empires II. This real-time strategy game from Microsoft marked an era and is now gearing up for its return with Age of Empires IV. But, on the anniversary of the Definitive Edition, there was something else, a Battle Royale.

Age of Empires now offers a Battle Royale mode

Surprising everyone, on the YouTube channel of the title itself, they announced a new update including a new game mode. The Battle Royale mode will allow you to play shorter games and with a map that will be scaled down.

This, in principle, doesn’t make much sense but it can be a lot of fun and should be tried with friends. Surprise this implementation of the fashion game mode. However, as we told you before, if done right it can be a big revolution in strategy games.

Maybe Battle Royale can change the way you play strategy games as well. Either way, it looks like the people of World’s Edge aren’t resting as they prepare for their long-awaited fourth installment.

The problem with Age of Empires is that multiplayer could go on forever. This way and configuring it well, it could be limited and be more attractive to all types of users. It could be a big plus for the franchise’s future game. And you who think, it is a genius or an experience that will not reach more.

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