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The IED explosion outside the Israeli embassy in India shook the world, including the country. Israel has expressed confidence in India that the security of its citizens will be assured. Meanwhile, the dangerous Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, has once again entered the discussion. Discussion intensifies that for anyone behind the attack, avoiding the Mossad will be negligible. The peculiarity at the moment is the domination of Mossad leader Yossi Cohen in all corners of the world. Cohen’s coin runs not only over Israel, but also on foreign soil, and he is seen as a big face behind Israel’s security.

Yosi Cohen walks in a corner

The influence of Mossad director Yossi Cohen is revealed that he played a big role in talks with Israel and Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Sudan. Cohen, director of Mossad, went to meet with his counterparts from Arab countries. Not only that, in the fight against the country’s corona virus, the Mossad has been working on a war footing. From resource mobilization to detectives, contact tracing of activism is illustrated. The biggest mission by the name of Cohen is to steal Iran’s nuclear archives from Tehran in 2018. He had prepared this mission himself and had it executed.

Will the White House arrive before Netanyahu?

These days, Yossi is also making headlines about his meeting with US President Joe Biden. The Times of Israel cited a Channel 13 report saying Yossi may meet with Biden in February. This meeting will be special because he will not be the first Israeli, but the first officer from any country to meet with the new administration amid the Corona sanctions. Not only that, the head of state usually meets the US president for the first time, but there are reports that Yosi arrived before Netanyahu.

A new power given to the mossad

The Mossad budget also continues to increase under Cohen’s leadership. In August 2020, a report by the State Comptroller found that the agency’s budget exceeded 1.5 billion new Israeli shekels (NIS) to 2.6 billion NIS. With this, the Mossad became the largest after the US intelligence agency CIA in terms of budget and number of spies.

What is the Mossad?

The Mossad was founded on December 13, 1949, on the advice of former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. He wanted the creation of a central unit that would strengthen coordination and cooperation with existing security services – the military intelligence department, the internal security service and the foreign policy department. In March 1951 he was incorporated into the Prime Minister’s office and responsibility was transferred to the Prime Minister.

What is the motive?

The job of the Mossad is to gather intelligence, conduct intelligence operations, and fight terrorism. No information has been given on its purpose, roles, mission, power and budget in any law of the land. It is excluded from the constitutional laws of the country. Therefore, the Mossad is called Deep State. Its director is directly and solely responsible to the Prime Minister of the country. His Metsada unit is responsible for attacking enemies. Whether it is the kidnapping of Adolf Ishmaan in 1960 or the fatal reaction to the deaths of Israeli athletes at the 1972 MUNIC Olympics, the Mossad has several dangerous scandals. Even in 2018, Mossad spies moved the nuclear archives from Iran to Israel via Azerbaijan, and Iranian security services did nothing.

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