Delhi Farmers Violence United Nations: United Nations Reaction on Delhi Farmers Violence & Protests Advice India Modi Government: The Indian government will honor the United Nations, non-violence and the right to protest against the violence of Delhi farmers

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The UN statement came on the violence in Delhi during the farmers’ protest and tractor parade. Was at the United Nations
The United Nations has demonstrated in Delhi in recent days over farmer protests and fierce violence in the tractor parade. United Nations Secretary-General Stephen Dujarik’s spokesperson said the Indian government should respect peaceful protests, human freedom and non-violence. The spokesperson also said earlier that people have the right to organize peaceful protests and that the authorities should let them.

This latest statement by the United Nations spokesperson answered a question about the violence that erupted in Delhi. Earlier, the spokesperson for the UN Secretary General said that with regard to India, I want to say that what I have said to other people raising these issues, … that … that people should act peacefully in authority and authorities should let them do it.

LIVE: More than 150 police officers injured in violence during tractor parade, 2 in critical condition

India says comments are inappropriate
Following this statement by the UN spokesperson, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said of the comments from foreign leaders: “We have seen some of these comments related to farmers in India. which are based on misleading information. Such remarks are unfair, especially when they concern the internal affairs of a democratic country ”. The ministry said in a message: “It would be better if diplomatic negotiations were not distorted for political ends.”
Violence in tractor rallies: Yogendra Yadav said – I am ashamed and take responsibility that Delhi police registered 15 FIRs until late at night at different police stations in the case of the tractor parade of farmers in the nation’s capital on Tuesday. This includes cases like sabotage including Balwa and police pistol theft. Farmers who took part in the Republic Day Tractor Parade made Delhi a battleground. Some farmers have flown their flags at the Red Fort after trying to ride tractors on police, vandalizing buses and trains, chipping stones. Earlier today, thousands of farmers broke police barricades and clashed with police over three farm laws. According to reports, more than 150 police officers were injured in the violence. On the other hand, one of the protesters aboard the ITO tractor overturned, causing his death.

United Nations urged Government of India to respect non-violence

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