Delhi IED explosion: Delhi IED explosion: Israel detonates terrorist act, Delhi police suspect wrongdoing – Israel treats bomb explosion near its embassy in New Delhi as terrorism, S Jaishankar talks about Gabi Ashkenazi

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IED explosion in front of the Israeli embassy in Delhi, Israel said there were no casualties in the terrorist incident, Jaishankar spoke with the Israeli foreign minister. In 2012, there was an attack on the Israeli diplomat’s car, three people were injured.
The echo of the explosion in front of the Delhi embassy is now being heard even in Israel. The Israeli Foreign Ministry called the incident a terrorist incident. At the same time, Delhi police claimed that someone had done something wrong to cause a stir. Meanwhile, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar met with Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenji and provided full security for Israeli diplomats. He said the case was under investigation and no convicts would be released.

Security of Israeli missions strengthened
Israel’s Foreign Ministry also said Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenji was regularly briefed on the incident. He ordered all necessary security measures. Since then, the security of Israeli embassies in all countries has been strengthened. The ministry also said no one was injured in the blast. Indian officials are investigating the incident and Israeli officials are also in contact with India.

What did the Delhi police say?
Delhi Police said it was a very low capacity IED explosion … No one was killed in the incident. No property was also damaged except for the glasses of three vehicles parked nearby. According to the police, after preliminary investigation, it seems that someone made this prank to cause a sensation. A “Beating Retreat” program was taking place a few kilometers from the stage.

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An Israeli diplomat was also attacked in 2012
The IED explosion outside the embassy is again reminiscent of the 2012 incident. An Israeli diplomat’s car then exploded near the Prime Minister’s residence. It was claimed that when the ambassador’s car was parked at the sign, the motorcycle attacker placed explosives on the car. The car exploded seconds after it left. During which Yehoshua Koren, the wife of an Israeli diplomat in a car, was seriously injured.

Why is there so much enmity between Iran and Israel?
Since the Iranian revolution of 1979, there has been a demand for the elimination of Israel. In fact, Iran only opposed the existence of Israel. Its loyal religious leaders say Israel unjustly occupied Muslim land. For this reason, Israel also sees Iran as a crisis in itself. He has always opposed Iran being armed with nuclear weapons. Iran’s expansion into the Middle East has been a source of concern to its leaders. This is why Israel is not only monitoring Iran’s nuclear program, but in 2018 Netanyahu reported that he had thousands of documents attached, which he called Iran’s “ atomic records ”.

Explosion in front of the Israeli embassy in Delhi

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