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The key researcher at the CNRS in Montpellier, Hervé Seitz, was one of the first to question the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in the face of Covid-19. As the author of a summary of Pr Didier Raoult’s studies, the scientist returned to his conclusions in the Midi Libre columns. He accuses Professor Raoult of deliberately lying.

“I believe this affair is a real health scandal. It was initiated by deliberate lies from Professor Raoult’s laboratory.” Hervé Seitz, CNRS researcher in Montpellier and molecular biologist, was one of the first scientists to doubt the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19. In particular, he published an abstract referring to the studies of Professor Didier Raoult. When asked by Midi Libre on Saturday May 29th, the researcher reconsidered his conclusions.

In particular, Hervé Seitz questions the study on the effectiveness of chloroquine in Covid-19. “We quickly see that the study of 26 patients is ‘wrong’ because we are excluding people for whom the treatment is harmful. The latest corrections in January 2021 show that it is worse than thought there is no point in administering hydroxychloroquine. We recognize the extent of the forgery, which is confirmed by tests carried out with scientific rigor such as Discovery using the example, “explains the scientist in the columns of Midi Libre.

“We wanted to believe it”

Hervé Seitz also tries to explain why, in his opinion, these “lies” could be credible to so many people. A phenomenon that he associates with the peculiarity of the health context: “The population was disturbed, we wanted to believe it.” He also explains this situation through the personality of Professor Raoult: “With his physique of a druid, Raoult is a sympathetic character who says what we want to hear: First that the virus does not leave its ecosystem, then that it doesn’t matter there will be no second wave … In contrast, there are scientists who are suspected of being corrupt. “

Then why should Professor Raoult have lied? “He holds the IHU of Marseille with an iron fist, leaving no room for controversy. Many students are in precarious contracts, under pressure … Based on the assumption of” good faith “on his part. On the other hand, perhaps his teams did not dare to to act against his intuition ”, theorized Hervé Seitz, who also considers Didier Raoult to be“ criminally responsible ”in view of this“ scientific fraud ”.

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