Delivery of 150,000 Janssen doses to Spain delayed

Publication: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 12:37

Janssen’s vaccine was due to land in Spain on Wednesday, but the pharmaceutical company decided to temporarily suspend the distribution of these doses after vaccination in the United States was paralyzed for six cases of thrombi.

In principle, a total of 300,000 doses are expected in April – 150,000 tomorrow – which will be distributed among the autonomous communities, although it has not yet been decided when they will be injected. It is aimed at people aged 70 to 79.

Now, the arrival of doses in our country has remained in the air. The company’s decision is based on six cases of blood clots in the United States in vaccinated women, but it should be noted that a total of seven million doses were inoculated nationwide.

Carolina Darias, Minister of Health, stressed that Spain is “ready to receive the vaccine” and that “we are waiting” for what the American health authorities communicate. In any case, he recalled that “the Spanish Medicines Agency is in contact with the European Medicines Agency”.

Here is how the first Janssen vaccines were to be distributed in Spain:

Madrid had indicated that it would receive 20,900 doses. Catalonia has assured that it would receive around 24,000 this Wednesday. The Basque Country also expected around 6,850 doses to arrive tomorrow. Navarre is expected to receive 2,050 between Wednesday and Thursday. Andalusia will receive 26,150. Galicia had 8,500 doses and they would use them to vaccinate at home. Extremadura should have 3,000 doses tomorrow, the Canary Islands, 6,000 doses. Cantabria: 1,800 doses, Castilla y León announced that it would receive 7,400 on Thursday, Asturias expected 3,100 doses on Wednesday, La Rioja: 1,000 doses, and the Bavarians expected 3,600 doses, although this had not confirmed when.

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