delta covid variant which: delta COVID variant becomes globally dominant, WHO official: delta COVID variant is spreading rapidly around the world

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The delta variant of the crown is spreading rapidly in countries around the world, WHO said – this variant becomes responsible for the crown around the world, due to the delta variant, there is a possibility of a third wave of the crown in the world Geneva
The World Health Organization has issued a warning regarding the delta variant of the corona virus. The WHO has said the delta variant of the crown, which was first found in India, has now become the main cause of the disease worldwide. WHO Chief Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said the delta variant with its increased infectious potential is becoming responsible for the spread of the crown around the world. Due to this variant, the third wave of corona is now feared around the world.

WHO has also expressed sorrow over the effectiveness of the vaccine
Dr Swaminathan also expressed disappointment with the failure of the CureVac vaccine (5CV.DE) to meet the WHO standard of efficacy. He said there is a need for a more potent vaccine for this highly transmissible variant. This vaccine from Germany could not even cross the WHO threshold of 50% success. In clinical trials, the effectiveness of this vaccine was estimated to be only 47 percent.

The delta variant has wreaked havoc in many countries
Outside of India, the Delta variant has wreaked havoc in many countries around the world, including Britain, America, Russia, and Singapore. The UK Department of Health has issued a warning regarding the Delta variant of Corona. At the same time, Germany’s top public health official predicted that despite the vaccination, this variant could wreak havoc. In Russia, too, a record 9,000 cases of corona have been found today. For this reason, the third wave of corona is now feared in the world.

The US CDC also warned about the Delta variant
Rochelle Valensky, director of the U.S.-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said she was concerned that infection from the delta form of the coronavirus could prevail. Valensky said on Friday that because of the more infectious form of this delta form, there are questions about whether our vaccines are working. He encouraged Americans to get the vaccine, saying “you will be protected against this delta form”. vaccine.

Sputnik from Russia brings booster dose of corona vaccine, will be particularly effective on delta variant
The delta variant of Corona is very deadly
The delta variant of the corona virus is scientifically known as B.1.617.2. It turned out to be the most contagious variant of all time. Patients with this variant have many symptoms, including hearing loss, severe stomach disease, and blood clots, gangrene. Also known as delta, h (B.1.617.2). The virus has spread to more than 60 countries in the past six months and has further tightened travel restrictions from Australia to the United States.

Its new variant may be more contagious than Delta, know what the experts are saying
Scientists call Delta variant “new enemy”
According to six doctors treating patients across the country, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, hearing loss and joint pain are among the ailments facing Covid patients. According to research conducted by researchers at the University of New South Wales last month, beta and gamma variants were first detected in South Africa and Brazil, respectively.

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