Delta variant behind virus wave: Delta variant in China, Delta variant likely to spread to more regions, Chinese official warns: Kovid Delta variant spreading to new parts of China, official warns

The Delta variant of the Korana virus is now wreaking havoc in China as well. Corona cases have seen an increase in many areas, including the capital Beijing. A Chinese health official has warned that the deadly delta variant of the coronavirus could quickly spread to more areas of the country. The first case of this variant was reported at Nanjing Airport. After which the Chinese government closed the entire airport.

Millions of Chinese have traveled through this airport
Nanjing is one of the busiest airports in China. A large number of Chinese tourists pass through this airport in summer. In such a situation, it is possible that other people are under the influence of this virus who have traveled to different parts of the country. Outside the city of Nanjing, the Chinese administration is testing people traveling from this airport.

Chinese official has issued yet another warning of devastation
H Qinghua, a senior official at China’s National Health Commission, told reporters that the new delta-shaped wave in Nanjing City, east China’s Jiangsu Province, may continue to grow. spread to more regions in the short term. Speaking to the official Global Times newspaper, he said the delta variant was responsible for new cases of the corona virus.

So far, only 92,930 corona cases in China
China has reported a total of 92,930 cases of corona virus infection since last year, of which 971 patients are on treatment. The country put the total number of deaths from the pandemic at 4,636. Many countries around the world including America had cast doubts on these figures from China. The first case of corona was found in the very city of Wuhan in China.

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