Demand for cloud and cybersecurity specialists in Spain explodes

The first three months of the year were particularly active in the Spanish labor market, in terms of technical profiles. As the analysis of Logicalis Spain, the international leader in IT solutions and managed services, detected, in the first quarter of this year there was a 152% growth in the hiring of Cloud specialists, 366% in Cybersecurity and 152% in Big Data, highlighting the need to promote training in innovative IT disciplines that require expert staff.

The increase in job applications for this type of professional is peaking year on year and tripling its numbers, in some cases like the Cloud, indicating a clear change in trend for the labor market in our country and a strong demand for this type of work.

“We are faced with an ecosystem of emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence or the Internet of things, which promote new economic models and therefore new opportunities, which allow us to unlock new values. We are also seeing a strong trend change in the labor market which opens a stage in the search for talent which we believe will be decisive for all organizations in the years to come ”, says Jose Maria Ruiz, CTO at Logicalis.

However, organizations around the world are detecting the dearth of highly specialized profiles in technological skills such as those mentioned, as well as others that are continually emerging in the technological environment. Concretely, industry analysts estimate that cybersecurity professionals generally represent between 5 and 6% of the IT workforce, but in recent years their demand has exploded and the latest forecast for 2022 calls for a total of 1.8 million specialists in the IT workforce. world, 20% more than forecast. in 2015.

The increased awareness of companies by the digital world and cybersecurity points to an even greater demand for these hyperspecialized profiles, warn HR experts. Concretely, according to a study by Pearson, where they analyze the main emerging professions, cybersecurity is emerging as one of the 6 most requested professions, in the medium and long term.

“We saw a strong trend. It is a good time for IT profiles which until now had remained in the background, and now they are consolidated as the key area for the own technological development of organizations and the industry in general ”, states Jose Prez, Director of Human Resources. of Logicalis Spain.

From this company they also suggest this shortage of specialists, as also confirmed by the latest report on STEM careers from the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE). In our country, between 2013 and 2017, registrations fell by 6.1%, five percentage points below the European average, according to their own study.

Logicalis Spain has a long history in the technological world, especially in terms of digital transformation, a path which has been taken by the main organizations on a global scale and which requires the best specialists. From his experience is extracted a permanent commitment in the research and conservation of this digital talent, which he encourages with the continuous training of his professionals and his permanent growth of skills, to tackle the most innovative technological projects that organizations modern demands.

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