Demand for digital marketing studies is increasing

The boom in online communication is generating growing interest in a tool that is increasingly valued as a professional outlet. Digital marketing and e-commerce are emerging as advertising strategies for the present and with a projection for the future. Training in them is the key to mastering them. Thanks to OTONAUTA you can access in a useful, fast and easy way information about the study options in this field, among which stands out the master in digital marketing online.

Knowing how to sell and position a product or service in the media and Internet channels, in the most efficient way possible and with the best knowledge of the customer to whom one can aspire. It’s digital marketing. Advertising of the present and the future, more and more in demand as a professional outlet. We are in the era of electronic buying and selling and communication, in an era where, more than ever, social networks, web pages and mobile applications are part of everyday life; and this increases the interest in being trained in this field. The options are numerous and very diverse: master’s, courses, bachelor’s or postgraduate in digital marketing. In face-to-face, mixed, remote or telematic studies. And, among them, the online master’s degree stands out as the most requested choice, guaranteeing the most advanced and specialized training of this professional career.

Digital marketing training guarantees learning and mastery of strategies now essential to optimize online visibility, such as SEO, SEM or Social Media Marketing. Also, knowledge of the guarantee that performance marketing offers in investment, the importance of establishing effective communication with the customer, and of retaining this relationship, via UX, email marketing (or e-mailing) and mobile Marketing (or mobile marketing). Likewise, the study of this advertising specialty involves the practice of marketing techniques and non-intrusive advertising strategies such as Inbound Marketing, training in customer relationship management (CRM) and mastery of software in order to carry out automated form marketing actions (marketing automation). Without forgetting the impact of Big Data Marketing to process information in large volumes of data in real time and thus analyze key aspects for a brand such as consumer behavior, in which those who study digital marketing via neuromarketing, the a science that explores the behavior of the brain in a buying process.

Any digital marketing expert should know how a website works and how, from there, to create a virtual community around a brand. A process in which you have to master advertising, social media, or branding strategies. Tools such as Semrush, Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Google Analytics, essential to be able to position a brand on the Internet; and procedures such as WordPress, Hubspot or Hootsuite. Ecommerce or e-commerce is another of the pillars of digital marketing in these times when more and more businesses are focusing on selling their products or services in e-commerce.

Among the masters programs in digital marketing, those currently offered by ESIC, UNED, UOC, Aula CM and UNIR stand out. Training that qualifies to act as Director of Digital Marketing, Director of Digital Business Development, Director of Advertising, Online Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Executive, E-Commerce Specialist, Director of Digital Innovation, Head of e-commerce, Director Digital Communication Manager, Customer Relationship Manager or Digital Strategy Project Consultant, among other professional profiles.

Salaries in digital marketing in Spain vary, according to data collected by IEBS, the School of Business and Innovation and Entrepreneurs, between the annual maximum of 140,000 euros that can be reached from the position of digital director, one of the profiles with highest salary in professions which encompass digital marketing and for which approximately 8 years of experience is required; and the 30,000 euros that a Content Manager earns annually, with a minimum of 3 years’ experience. The average annual salary in several of the professional digital marketing positions, such as Program Director, Digital Account Manager, Digital Manager, Program Manager, E-Commerce Manager, Social Media Manager, or CRM Manager, is around $ 50,000. And an E-commerce Director, a position that requires 8 years of experience, can earn up to 80,000 euros per year.

For those who wish to know more, the academic explorer OTONAUTA allows to know and compare the details of the main masters in digital marketing.

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