Demand for IEBS Online Masters Rises 80% Due to Pandemic

Demand for IEBS Online Masters Rises 80% Due to Pandemic

IEBS, the leading digital business school for online training, has issued a new appeal, nearly doubling the number of students enrolled, clearly showing the consolidation of e-learning in the market due to the pandemic. Specifically, the business school registered up to 80% more enrollments than last year.

The collateral damage from the coronavirus, which prevents face-to-face classes from continuing, has led many students and professionals who previously did not consider online training to now view it as the best solution to their needs. In addition, the quarantine experience prompted those most used to the traditional model to lose their fear and choose this type of training.

All of these circumstances are reflected in the overall number of registrations completed for the 20-21 academic year, which increased by almost 80%. In Spain, this increase was 72%, while at the international level, the countries with the highest increase in the number of registrations were Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay and Chile with a growth of more by 100%, followed by Mexico with 87% and Argentina with 71%.

The diplomas that have experienced the strongest growth are those that have to do with the current situation and new digital professions. To be the most requested data scientist, the agile coach, the digital project manager, digital marketing and digital transformation of organizations, which in some cases have tripled the number of registrations.

According to Oscar Fuente, founder of IEBS, “Teleworking and the increase in digital habits have made many students and professionals trust the online formula. Despite the increasing supply of online masters in the market, students were able to differentiate between methodologies designed to be taken online and telepresence methodologies. The benefits offered by a degree specially created to be done online are notorious for the student, as it allows him to make the most of the knowledge acquired. “

Since its establishment in 2010, IEBS has managed to maintain a sustained growth of 35% per year on average, which has led it to become one of the online business schools with the most students in Spain.

In addition, to successfully cope with this new situation and avoid leaving without a place all those who want to continue the training, a new special call will be opened on November 26 in the most requested online masters.

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