Demonstration after the death of blacks in Philadelphia, curfew enforced

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In the United States, before the presidential election, the case of the death of a black citizen gained ground, thousands of people protested, incidents of arson and violence arose, the administration of the country imposed a citywide curfew, many were Arrest of Philadelphia
In the United States, the question of the death of a black citizen before the presidential election is gaining ground. Thousands of people demonstrated in the streets of Philadelphia. During this period arson and violence occurred. The country’s administration imposed a city-wide curfew because conditions were not controlled. Many people were also arrested during the protest.

Please say that the 27 year old man died in police gunfire. The family say he was mentally ill. Previously, in the face of widespread violent protests, police called on residents of 7 districts to stay at home. In West Philadelphia, two police officers shot Walter Wallace Jr.

Incidences of robbery during the event
Tensions erupted in Philadelphia after Wallace’s death. Immediately, large numbers of protesters took to the streets and violence spread. More than 30 police officers were also injured in the violent clash. Dozens of protesters were arrested. Police said the protesters threw bricks and stones. During the protest, looting took place in several retail stores in the previous town.

Protests took place after the death of George Floyd
Earlier in June of this year, large-scale violent protests took place in Atlanta, United States, following the death of a black citizen named George Floyd. A policeman held Floyd’s neck with shoes for 8 minutes and eventually Floyd died.

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