Demonstration against China in Hungary and Lithuania Know the reason and everything you want to know

Today, many countries around the world are openly speaking out against China, which trapped Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the debt trap. Lithuania, one of the smallest countries in Europe, has announced that it is leaving the CEECs, an ambitious mission of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Within the framework of this project, China wishes to strengthen its trade ties with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, China suffered a second heavy blow in Hungary, where thousands of people demonstrated outside parliament to protest against the Chinese university campus to be built in the capital Budapest.

Rebellion against China could increase in European countries
The growing rebellion against China in Europe could escalate in the coming days. In fact, China’s plan is to fill America’s vacant space in Europe. During Donald Trump’s tenure, America had disputes with European countries over many issues. China saw an opportunity and without delay began to make inroads among European countries. At the end of last year, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi took the initiative to strengthen bilateral relations by visiting European countries.
Thousands of people march in front of the Parliament in Budapest
This Saturday, in the Hungarian capital Budapest, thousands of people marched in front of the parliament to protest against the campus of Fudan University of China. People say China will work through its university to spread communist ideology in their country. Not only that, the construction of this campus will reduce the level of higher education in Hungary.
China grants huge loan to Hungary
The Hungarian government and China have a very close relationship. Despite this, due to popular opposition, the construction work of this university was affected. The campus of this university is being built at a cost of approximately $ 1.8 billion. This amount is several times higher than the total budget spent on education in Hungary last year. But, due to the growing protests of the people, the difficulties of the Hungarian government increased.

What’s the ruckus between Lithuania and China
Lithuania, a country of 2.8 million people, has left the CEEC China Forum. This forum was launched by China in 2012. It includes 17 countries in Europe, while the 18th country itself is China. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielus Landsbergis called the Chinese CEEC forum a division. He said other countries in Europe should also leave this China forum. The relocation of this small country from Europe is described as a challenge for China.

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