Demonstration Against Farm Bill: United Nations Support For Farmers’ Movement Says: ‘Right To Peaceful Demonstration’ – United Nation Extends Support For Indian Farmers Protesting

Strong points:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was protesting against farm laws in India, supported farmers. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau also opposed Trudeau’s statement to India, said the “ internal affair ” of the un
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais also said of the farmers’ protest in India now that people have the right to organize peaceful protests and the authorities should let them. Let us know that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also supported farmers, after which India called comments from foreign leaders “misleading” and “non-essential.” India says it is a matter related to the internal affairs of a democratic country.

Let the officer play
Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Stephen Dujarik said on Friday: “Regarding India, I mean what I have said to other people who raise these issues, … that … that people should peacefully They have a right to perform and the authorities should let them do it. ”Dujarik was responding to a question about the performance of farmers in India.

India says comments are inappropriate
Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said on Tuesday of the comments by foreign officials: “We have seen some of these comments about farmers in India that are based on misleading information. Such remarks are unfair. , especially when they concern the internal affairs of a democratic country. “The ministry said in a message:” It would be better if diplomatic negotiations were not distorted for political ends. ”

“Unacceptable interference”
India summoned Canada’s High Commissioner Nadir Patel on Friday and told him that the remarks by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some of the other leaders regarding the peasant movement amounted to “ unacceptable interference ” in the internal affairs of the country. country. The Foreign Office said the Canadian diplomat had also been told that if such activity continued it would cause “ serious damage ” to bilateral relations.

Trudeau maintains his position
Trudeau, while supporting restless farmers in India, said Canada will always be there to protect the rights of peaceful protest. At the same time, he expressed concern about the situation. India had expressed its displeasure with the statement, but Trudeau continued his position. Trudeau said: “Canada will always support the right to peaceful protest around the world. And we are very happy to take steps to reduce stress and communicate. ”

Has been happening at the border for nine days
Thousands of farmers in Punjab, Haryana and many other states have been protesting for nine days against the central government’s agricultural laws on Delhi’s borders. However, the government says that with the new laws, farmers will have better opportunities and new technologies can be introduced in the agricultural sector. The fifth phase of discussions between the government and farmers’ organizations on agricultural laws is due to take place on Saturday.

Bihar: Land left in Delhi to support farmers, protests in Begusarai

United Nations support for farmers’ performance

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