Demonstration of farmers in France: events of French farmers

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Farmer protests in France continue, unrest over low prices, demand from French peasants protesting outside supermarkets and distribution centers – to offset production costs in French supermarkets Paris
After India, French farmers are also protesting in the streets to get the best price for their products. For the past month, several French farmers’ organizations have taken to the streets against government policies in different regions of the country. Farmers in the capital Paris paid tribute to farmers who committed suicide by hanging effigies on trees. These farmers are protesting in front of supermarkets and distribution centers across the country.

Farmers demand that the government immediately address issues such as economic inequalities in the country, declining farmers’ incomes and lowering the price of food grains. Even in France, farmers are not getting the right price for their produce on a large scale. Farmers claim that the price of their products is affected by large supermarkets and distribution centers.

Negotiations continue between peasant organizations and large traders
Representatives of farmers’ organizations are in talks with large wholesalers who buy their products. Indeed, French supermarkets are forced to negotiate prices with farmers under a law passed in 2018. French government officials are also participating in the talks on both sides. However, there is still no solution to this movement which has lasted for 1 month.

Each one’s own logic
Farmers say they are not getting the value of the yield even to offset their cost. At the same time, the owners of these supermarkets claim that they cannot put the burden on consumers to benefit farmers more. The impasse remains because of this.

The farmers’ movement also continues in India
In India, too, farmers are protesting the repeal of the MSP and the three agricultural laws. Since November, farmers sitting at different borders in Delhi have insisted on repealing the three laws, while the government agrees to change those laws. Meanwhile, peasant organizations also announced the liberation of Chakkaajam and Troll squares in many parts of the country. Not only that, in the upcoming 5 state assembly elections, peasant organizations will also campaign against the BJP.

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