Demonstrations for independence and cries of “amnesty” in Sánchez at the Liceo de Barcelona

Update: Monday, June 21, 2021 13:26

Posted: 21.06.2021 13:25

Protests in front of the Liceo de Barcelona and applause from Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez inside upon his arrival at the auditorium. A divisive image continues to show the long way to go in Catalonia.

Sánchez arrived at Liceo under applause to announce the treatment of pardons to the prisoners of the trial. Meanwhile, protests were taking place abroad. The CUP, Arran, the ANC and Omnium have called for amnesty, freedom and self-determination.

“Of course we are not mistaken. We do not think that those who aspire to independence will change their ideals, but we hope it is understood that there are no outlawed paths , no goal is legitimate if it spills over half of society. Something Spanish society learned over 40 years ago, “Sánchez told the separatists in his speech.

“And we are going to do it for the sake of harmony. I am aware that there are people who oppose this measure and I do not ignore their reasons, I respect them,” insisted Sánchez. Moment when the protest also resounded inside the Lycée. A young activist from Arran raised a star vermilion and called for amnesty and self-determination. Without losing his temper and visibly prepared for what could happen, Sánchez stressed that “we are in the theater of speech, all opinions are welcome”.

And he was always on conciliatory terms. “Where is this first step leading us? Those who oppose graces say that those who receive them are not going to give up their ideals, and it is true, would they change theirs if they were imprisoned? “We do not expect those who defend independence to give up their ideals because neither will we resign. The only thing we demand is that we respect the constitutional pact,” said the president.

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