Denmark will return refugees: Denmark will return Syrian refugees saying it is safe: Syria will return refugees denying Syria’s safety

Denmark has started repatriating refugees from war-torn Syria. The government says the situation is now safe for their return. Denmark has withdrawn residence permits from 92 refugees. The stature was increased after Syria’s capital Damascus and the surrounding area was declared safe. These people will be sent to the department’s camp.

However, they will not have to leave. After that, human rights organizations say the government is leaving refugees no options. At the same time, experts say the government is trying to counter right-wing opposition by taking such steps. In fact, before that, a bill was introduced in which mosques were asked to stop funding from abroad.

The permit is temporary
Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tasfe said last month that Denmark has been open and honest with Syrian refugees from the start. He said the Syrian refugees had been made clear that their residence permit was temporary. It will be removed if security is not required. With this, the permits of around 350 refugees may need to be reviewed.

Denmark has waged war on ‘radical Islam’, bans funding for mosques from abroad
First step
Previously, Germany had spoken of sending the criminals back, but Denmark is the first European country to announce the sending of refugees. Experts claim that the ruling center-left Social Democratic Party in Denmark is taking an anti-immigration stance so that the right-wing parties can face it. In fact, Denmark has also launched a campaign to combat the growing Islamic fundamentalism in the country.

Collision with right-wing parties?
A bill was also tabled in parliament there, recommending a moratorium on funding for mosques abroad. The bill states that mosques will be prevented from accepting money from individuals, organizations and associations that oppose or undermine democratic values, fundamental freedoms and human rights. In such a situation, it is believed that the government is taking such measures to counter right-wing parties.

Violation of rights
Steve Valdage-Simonds of Amnesty International says the Danish government wants to send people back to a brutal regime that violates the rights of the people. This, he says, could also help other countries withdraw aid to refugees from Syria. It can also put the lives of other people in danger.

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