denounce the use of public resources for private companies

Publication: Saturday February 27, 2021 16:54

Discreet mobilization that took place in about fifty cities in favor of public health, a call for help with the aim of strengthening primary care against the financing of private care. The organizers assure that the public-private model is incompatible: “Despite the applause, in the pandemic there has been no investment that has not gone through companies.” So, they argued that the best vaccine against this problem is legislative change.

For this reason, to repeal Law 15/97 and Article 90 of the General Health Law, which regulate public-private concerts, they took to the streets. Summoned by the anti-privatization health coordinator, they denounce that the coronavirus crisis caused the collapse of the health system, but that the problem came from long before.

The most massive march took place in Madrid, but rallies took place in more than fifty cities across Spain. In Galicia, cities like A Coruña or Vigo, the same arguments have been heard against the use of public resources for private health companies.

And in Zaragoza, they also rejected the construction of a new private hospital, for which the public domain was requalified. In Ponferrada, whole families attended the appeal. The organizers defend dignity in the treatment of patients. Because up to 620,000 people remained in the first months of the pandemic without operating in our country.

To catch up, the system will need a year and more resources. This has been claimed in different places, such as in the center of Bilbao. The protests were replicated in Valencia, where they also demanded better conditions for the toilets. And never again leave our seniors unprotected, those hardest hit by the pandemic.

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