Dental clinics will perform antigen testing in the Community of Madrid

Publication: Saturday, January 2, 2021 2:01 PM

Madrid will carry out antigen tests in dental clinics. It was put forward by the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, during a press conference this Saturday, in which he announced that the regional executive is finalizing an agreement with the College of Dentists to this effect.

“The Community of Madrid will sign an agreement with the dental clinics in the region so that they can carry out antigenic tests and thus increase this diagnostic capacity as part of the screening and early detection strategy”, said Ruiz Escudero. , who said about 500 centers are expected to join.

As stated, the Ministry of Health will provide rapid tests free of charge to dentists for them to perform “to the asymptomatic population selected by Public Health”.

As indicated by the regional executive in a statement, professionals who perform the tests will first have to participate in a training activity organized by the collegiate organization.

The adviser took advantage of the announcement to reproach the Ministry of Health for having made them “waste time”, with a response that he describes as “ambiguous and belated” to Madrid’s request to carry out antigenic tests in pharmacies .

“I deeply regret that the Ministry of Health took two months to say that it is the Autonomous Communities that must authorize antigen testing in our network of pharmacies,” he said, declaring that “we cannot not do without pharmacies or no recourse in our fight against COVID. “

The adviser, who indicated that the legal services were looking for the formula so that the antigenic tests arrive “as soon as possible” in pharmacies, also recalled that they had asked the government that the mutuals could carry out these tests on their workers. “All resources are essential to stop the virus, no one is left to deal with COVID,” he said.

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