Dentists and veterinarians ask for vaccine to speed up vaccination campaign


Publication: Saturday January 16, 2021 2:53 PM

More than 67% of the vaccines received in Spain have already been administered, more precisely 768,950. For the General Council of Dentists, we are faced with a slow pace; therefore, they ask Health that as health workers they can also vaccinate the vaccine to speed up this process.

“We could talk about 100,000 front-line professionals, who would not have to go to public health, which would speed up the vaccination process and would be a relief for the public health centers,” they assure us.

In Spain, more than 40,000 licensed dentists have the skills to do this. According to the Council of Dentists, health could already study this possibility. laSexta Noticias asked questions about this but, for the moment, the ministry refers to the vaccination plan established and already in progress.

Veterinary associations, professionals with extensive experience not only in the management and management of epidemics, but also in the cold chain of vaccines have also offered their collaboration.

“In pigs alone, more than 12 million doses are applied each year in Spain in breeders and more than 400 million doses in production pigs. On average four times a year, more than six million head of cattle and more than 21 million sheep and goats are vaccinated, ”they explain.

The coronavirus is a zoonosis, that is, it has an animal origin, so with its help they claim that the much desired herd immunity could be achieved as soon as possible.

At present, other European countries have not yet authorized dentists to administer the vaccine. In the case of veterinarians, this has already been done in Argentina, following the WHO assessment, considering them as “primary health workers” in pandemic situations like the current one.

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