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Publication: Monday, March 15, 2021 11:56

The motion of censure that Ciudadanos and the PSOE presented in the region of Murcia last week will be debated at the Regional Assembly from Wednesday 17 to Thursday 18 March. This was confirmed on Monday by the Council of House Spokesmen; thus, contrary to what happened in Madrid, the deputies of Murcia will have to choose whether or not to keep the popular Fernando López Miras in power.

In principle, this motion of censure was signed by each member of the two parties. That is to say 17 deputies of the PSOE and 6 of the citizens, which would be enough to nominate the candidate Ana Martínez Vidal as the new president of the region of Murcia, because they would add the 23 necessary votes to the majority.

However, these accounts, which at first put the Murcian PP between the ropes, were altered by three members of the orange formation who, against what the party leadership expected, decided to rebel and support the popular in the motion.

In view of this, the outlook for this week’s debate leaves a lot of unknowns. Without these three candidates, PSOE and Ciudadanos would still need the support of another member of the Assembly, as United We may have confirmed the support of its two members. In other words, with the deputies of the PSOE, Ciudadanos and the UP, the total number of votes in favor is 22, against 23 required by the motion.

Those kicked out of Vox, key in the process

This dance of votes made three former MPs from the far-right party Vox a centerpiece of the motion to move forward. In this sense, last Friday, Ana Martínez Vidal has already questioned Francisco Carrera, Juan José Liarte (spokesperson) and Mabel Campuzano, who would still be deliberating on their answer.

Likewise, one of those who has expressed more openly the possibility of voting in favor of the motion is the spokesperson, Juan José Liarte: “I leave the question of who will be the next president of Murcia. , I can not tell you more. ”, declared the deputy this Monday during a press conference.

On the other hand, Carrera has for the moment admitted having had conversations with the candidate Ciudadanos, while Campuzano has not yet taken a position. Given the sum, and if Liarte’s vote is confirmed, the PSOE and Ciudadanos would already have the accounts. However, as the expelled from Vox himself indicated, everything is on hold.

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