The truth is that it was a rare poster, one of those that in Seville do not enter through the eyes, and that post-bullfight fans call “no auction”. It was a poster that did not provoke empathy, and more than one would swear that there was none among the members of the list of lights.

And so it was; a shabby afternoon, “ esboría” , boring, insufferable, desperate … And guilt, as almost always, points to those in black; In other words, the Fuente Ymbro bulls, with a beautiful appearance and challenging gaze, but loaded with sadness and grimness in their entrails. The bulls, yes, but it would also be necessary to call on Ferrera and Perera, two veterans who, in view of the circumstances, soon caught the prevailing laziness and passed through the plaza with that apparent indolence that allows the illusion to spread. vanish in a burst.

Source Ymbro / Ferrera, Perera, Luque

Fuente Ymbro bulls, well presented, compliant on the horse, outcast, dull and very bland.

Antonio Ferrera: puncture and almost entire fall (‘silence’); half crossed (‘silence’).

Miguel Ángel Perera: fallen lunge (‘some palms’); three punctures and a pithing (‘silence’).

Daniel Luque: jab and thrust -warning- (‘ovation’); prick and thrust (‘silence’).

Plaza de La Maestranza. 29 of September. Tenth run of the fair. More than half an entrance on a capacity of 60%.

Only Daniel Luque was saved from the shipwreck, who offered a beautiful bullfighting symphony to Veronica in the receipt of his first, very temperate caps, liking each other, precious, topped with a higher average; and moments later, a remove for very showy chicuelinas and another for veronicas closed with a long one.

Extraordinary Luque with the cape, artist from head to toe. Curious is the case of this bullfighter, who has reached the high place that he enjoys for his technique and power, when he is an accomplished painter of joys in the first thirds. We still remember that afternoon of June 2, 2010 in Las Ventas, when Morante, Cayetano and Luque starred in beautiful moments with the cape, and Luque had the audacity to challenge to La Puebla with a wonderful take away from Veronica. That is, today’s bullfighting is no coincidence.

He toasted the public and decided to squeeze the only bull that showed greed in the final third. He then showed off with his right hand in two rounds pregnant with temperance and bullfighting. He took the left hand, and began another film: the artist and powerful bullfighter became a modern peg. He cited the thread of the python, he took off too much and the crutches arose without grace or emotion. A task, in the end, from more to less, badly crowned with a prick prior to a thrust and an incomprehensible effort to lengthen the agony of the bull and allow the warning to sound.

But what was done by Luque cannot in any way justify the bullfight. Unmitigated failure of the Fuente Ymbro bulls and very little commitment from Ferrera and Perera. We must demand more from both, much more, and, above all, on dark afternoons.

In the end, the faces of the attendees reflected the despair produced by boredom; and it is not good that the fan is rationed so much the emotion to which he is entitled.

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