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Destiny 2 has been optimized for Xbox Series X | S. Yesterday Nick Heikkila, Senior Producer at Bungie, recently turned to Xbox Wire. Where he announced updates and optimization for Destiny 2 at no additional cost to current Xbox Series X owners | S.

Thanks to Smart Delivery, the X | S implements improvements to this game and incorporates a series of features that we will comment on.

What’s New in Destiny 2 on Xbox Series X | S

Improved loading times

Improved load times promised improvements in several systems of Destiny 2, from launching the game to loading UI elements and even navigating through menus. Several busy parts of the game have been updated to be smoother and more responsive.

Play at 4K / 60 FPS resolution

Destiny 2 will be playable in incredible 4K resolution on the xbox Series X. Additionally, both the X series and the S series will play at 60 frames per second.

120 Hz crucible mode

This new optional mode gives Xbox Series X owners the ability to increase their maximum FPS on compatible displays up to 120Hz. In high-level PvP, where every second counts, this new mode offers players the best Crucible matches. fastest and most responsive available on console.

Customizable field of view in Destiny 2

Besides aesthetics, the field of view slider also has many implications for the game. When your vision is wide, you can see more enemies. But these enemies are also much smaller and harder to target. You can also drag the slider and collapse the view. Now the lenses are much larger, but his peripheral vision is limited.

Cross-save and play have arrived

Well, since nothing in the future is impossible, the answer is a simple “yes”. Bungie has worked with Xbox to ensure owners of Xbox Series X | S can continue to play with Xbox One owners. Bungie has also developed Cross Save, a feature that allows players to bring their characters in and progress between multiple platforms.

In addition to the improvements, Bungie is also celebrating its November update. This added new levels in the Beyond Light version which include Europe, Deep Stone Crypt, and Stasis. For Destiny 2 Fans, There Is A Lot To Try This Holiday Season On Xbox One And Series X Consoles | S.

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