Destruction in Britain by new Corona strain, police will recover up to 10 lakh fine for breaking lockdown – UK police will charge up to RS 10 lakh fine for breaking Covid lockdown in Great Britain

Since the arrival of two or two new strains of the Corona virus in Britain, the situation has been reported out of control. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has put in place a nationwide lockdown to prevent a rapidly spreading infection. On the other hand, Britain’s Metropolitan Police have announced that they will now take more stringent measures to track the corona virus lockdown. Police said those caught breaking the lockdown will be fined up to Rs 10 lakh.

200-10,000 pounds will be fined
British police have called on people to strictly follow the rules. Scotland Yard has said those who breach the restrictions could be fined £ 200 to £ 10,000 (Rs 994,751). Metropolitan Police said this would mean that not only the organizers of the party, concerts or illegal gatherings without permission, but also those who attend, can be fined.

Fines will be imposed for not wearing a mask
Police said that in addition to not applying the mask can also result in a fine. The Metropolitan Police have also warned protesters planning to gather in London this week that they will take action not to violate the lockdown.

Police called to follow the rules
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist, who is leading the Metropolitan Police action to tackle the Kovid-19 outbreak, said our first duty as a police officer is to protect life. He said if people continue to break the rules and endanger themselves, their families and their communities, then the police are ready to act vigorously. The Police Federation of England and Wales has also called on the population to follow the rules in view of the implementation of the lockdown.

New strain of corona virus spreads in Britain, London lockdown
New strain of Corona increases infection in Britain
Due to the overhaul of the Corona virus infection cases are increasing rapidly and in view of this Britain has put on a strict lockdown. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said our scientists have confirmed the virus overhaul is 50-70% more contagious … which means you are very likely to be infected and infected with other people. East.

Coronavirus: Britain panicked with new Corona strain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reimposed lockdown
Britain in tight lockdown
He had said we needed to put in place tough lockdowns nationwide so that we could control cases of new forms of the virus. This means that the government is asking you again to stay indoors. You can leave the house for a few reasons with permission. To buy important things, if you cannot work from home at all, you can go out to go to the office, for treatment or investigation, or to prevent domestic violence. ”

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