Developers, DevOps engineers, data scientist profiles … Discover the keys to working in the IT sector

Developers, DevOps engineers, data scientist profiles … Discover the keys to working in the IT sector

The health crisis that arose barely a year ago with the arrival of the coronavirus had serious economic consequences in Spain which still persist. However, one of the sectors that has benefited is IT, as teleworking has driven digital transformation. Indeed, according to the business confidence index, teleworking was the most used formula during this period (48.8% of companies), followed by digitization (15.1%).

Teleworking consists of constantly improving cloud services, internal communication channels, online training, telematics meetings, solving technical problems, security breaches, extending the e-commerce service, improving online sales…. For this whole process, specialized IT and digital staff are needed.

Types of profiles

Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things or cloud computing are digital terms already established in society because they are the vectors with which companies enter the digital transformation.

For this, they must be fed, in particular, by developers, DevOps engineers, CTOs, expert profiles, consultants and data scientists. Devoting yourself to this type of profession is not easy, as it requires critical thinking, creativity applied to innovation, adaptability and, of course, a communication ability to translate the most technical concepts into familiar language.

In addition, in this new digital revolution, brands require employees with certain technological knowledge, but without it being imperative that they fully understand the computer language. This is the case for SEO / SEM specialists, content creators, community manager and social media manager, as well as web design and UX professionals, simple application developers or game specialists. .

How to find the professionals?

Finding the IT professionals who are the best match for a company is complicated, as it is essential to actively search for candidates and at the same time, for the interviewer to be very familiar with such a specialized industry.

To overcome this obstacle, there is S & You, the division of the international group Synergie. This department has a team of recruiters who are experts in IT and digital profiles with solid experience and knowledge of the market, who know where the niches of potential candidates are located and are specialized in attracting talent.

The philosophy of S & You is to find the ideal candidate on the basis of in-depth knowledge of the company. Their culture, values ​​and leadership model are taken into account because it is the only way to ensure a perfect match. In addition, it works with an integrated team in different countries, so it is also an ideal partner on the international scene.

According to Imma Arjona, of S & you, “we know how the sector is changing, so we are aware that companies may need long-term or temporary recruitment, where they have to meet strategic objectives that affect the development of the company. “

In addition to a highly specialized and prepared team, S & You has “powerful tools to make a perfect match between the professional and the company. In addition, digital selection techniques are applied, deferred digital interviews are carried out, gamification for the assessment of skills, personality tests, behaviors, targeted interviews, assessments and methodologies to compare references ”.

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