Developers will soon be able to customize the title bar in PWAs

Regardless of whoever it is, web applications (PWAs) continue to grow and evolve in terms of design and functionality. As more businesses invest in creating good web pages which in turn enables the creation of good PWAs, the technology behind them is improving as well.

Thomas Steiner, an advocate web developer at Google, discusses how to customize title bars in a PWA in a recent article on and marks the future of PWAs.

PWA title bars will soon be customizable

With progressive web apps or PWAs, the walls are collapsing in leaps and bounds. Now it’s the turn to be able to have controls and other items in the title bar of PWAs. This is still in development, but was already seen last month in the technical documentation with information from Amanda Baker of the Microsoft Edge team. Steiner highlights Baker in her post, acknowledging her as the person who implemented and specified the feature.

Steiner’s article is a technical breakdown for the developers. It explains how to place items in the title bar, but also offers interesting information for the most common uses. Steiner says the feature, officially known as the Window Control Overlay, will be available for testing in Chrome, starting with Chrome 92. Additionally, testing is expected to end in Chrome 94, which would arrive in July of this. year.

Developers can add different items to the title bar area, such as search functionality. This makes the title bar area more functional. Reduce55 the amount of wasted space in PWAs.

Since this is a Chromium-based feature and Microsoft employee Amanda Baker is involved in it, we can say that it will reach both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

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