Díaz Ayuso and Pablo Iglesias seek to polarize the vote in a pre-campaign marked by winks and cross-party criticism

Publication: Sunday March 21, 2021 1:11 PM

The PSOE candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, was received by the young socialists with applause. The candidate, who is already beginning to position himself for victory in the May 4 elections, has sent a message that is not addressed only to his bases. “There is a link between conservatives and progressives. The tiebreaker is in the hands of voters in Ciudadanos.”

The leader of Podemos and candidate of the purple formation for the Madrid government was more direct. Pablo Iglesias, who intervened by telematics in the act “ Housing: law or market? ”, Used the same recipe as in the previous elections: to allude to respect for the Constitution, on this occasion to claim the right to decent housing based on the regulation of rents. Accompanied by Ione Belarra and Isa Serra, he made the difference between his proposal and the current model.

“Those who say ‘communism or freedom’ understand freedom as their freedom to steal, to collect excessive rents or to give up public housing,” Iglesias denounced with this message to his political rivals in an election that two candidates, Ayuso and Iglesias, are trying to polarize.

“If we are talking about whether you are mine or yours, the choice of identity is simplified,” said journalist and political scientist Estefanía Molina. Thus, the president of the Community of Madrid presents herself as an alternative to the management of the pandemic by the government. This is the result, according to the doctor of political science and professor at the Carlos III University Ignacio Jurado, of “the capacity that the pandemic has given him to confront the state”.

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