Díaz Ayuso reportedly devastates Madrid but needs Vox to rule ahead of Ciudadanos electoral debacle


Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 20:21

The law will continue to rule the government of the Community of Madrid for at least two years. And he will do it, predictably, with the support of the far right. This is indicated by the first polls coming out of the most atypical elections held in the region, with historic turnout data that may cause an expansive wave in a national key due to the results it produces: the PP is sweeping the one of its most important bastions against a left unable to end its hegemony in Madrid, and with a Citizen who disappears permanently from the Assembly.

In an electoral scenario marked by the health crisis and political tensions, Isabel Díaz Ayuso obtained a landslide victory, winning with a clear difference with the rest of the formations. The popular candidate has not only led her party to once again be the first political force in the Community. According to these polls, more than double the number of seats is needed than in the 2019 election, adding virtually the same result as PSOE, United We Can and More Madrid combined. However, he will need Vox to re-occupy the Madrid presidency, since in principle the popular do not reach an absolute majority -68 seats- to govern alone.

Only in Vox, yes, because the polls also show a catastrophic result for the citizens, who do not receive enough support to obtain parliamentary representation in the Assembly in Madrid.

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