“Diazepam, Valium, Lexatin… How much have we normalized that we have to live on drugs?”

Updated: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 11:50

Posted: 17.03.2021 11:46

“Does the government have a contingency plan to tackle the huge mental health problem?” This is how Íñigo Errejón’s speech began, which then played out in an embarrassing moment when a deputy from the PP bench shouted “go see the doctor.

Más País deputy focused on mental health issues, suicide data and standardizing the use of drugs to treat depression and anxiety, problems have increased with the coronavirus pandemic.

Errejón began by pointing out “the laughter in the right bench” whereas until then the tone was more typical of an electoral campaign with crosses of accusations on the management of the pandemic, the lack of democracy, corruption or the last political movements in Murcia and Madrid.

“It’s not topical, but it is of the utmost importance,” Errejón said of mental health issues in Spain. The deputy referred to the CIS barometer which presents “shocking data” and assured that six in ten Spaniards showed symptoms of depression and anxiety, seven in ten young people felt hopeless and ten people committed suicide every day in Spain.

With these data, Errejón underlined the complexity of the moment, in which many people “collapsed” their life plans, but went further, denouncing that all these people “remained alone.” If they cannot be allow a private psychologist, many are left alone ”.

And he continued, “If I say diazepan, valium, lorazepan, trankimazine or lexatin, we all know what we’re talking about here and abroad. If I was talking about liver or kidney drugs, we wouldn’t know. . For our society to function, do we have to live permanently on medication? ”Asked Errejón.

With all these arguments on the table, the leader of Más País asked the Prime Minister to update the national mental health strategy and also to double the number of public health psychologists.

In his speech, Sánchez clarified that the update of the mental health strategy has an endowment of 2.5 million euros, he opted for the prevention of mental health and the detection of suicidal behavior as well as support for helping families and institutional coordination with mental health. associative teams and networks.

Sánchez indicated that the creation of a new specialty in child and adolescent psychiatry was being considered to meet the needs of these groups, and indicated that this royal decree was awaiting the report of the Council of State.

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