Dictator Kim Jong has now opposed ‘shortened’ social media language and imposed a strict ban – Kim Jong-un bans slang words on social media in North Korea and threatens brutal gulags

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, known for his brutality, is now on fire over social media language. The dictator announced a ban on shorthand language commonly used on social media. Officers were ordered to take possession of anyone’s phone in case of suspicion and to investigate. If anyone is caught doing this, they will be forcibly sent to the labor camp to work.

Why did Kim Jong ban
Kim Jong believes that this affects the language of the youth of his country. Not only that, he also described it as a conspiracy of his big rival, South Korea. According to Kim Jong, the language of commonly used shortcuts is being invented in South Korea. Learning from there, young people in North Korea are using these words on social media.

Kim Jong’s managers can grab anyone’s cell phone
In North Korea, this law came into effect in December. It allows officials to grab anyone’s phone to check for outdated language or social media shorthand language. Those captured will be sent to labor camps in remote areas of North Korea to undergo forced labor.

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Kim Jong is irritated by this
According to Rimjingung, a Japanese magazine, the real purpose of this order is to keep the government’s eye on the people’s message. Everyone now has a cell phone in North Korea and also uses social media. Young people in North Korea use South Korean phrases in their messages. Kim Jong is irritated about this.

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Sentenced to death for listening to foreign radio
Kim Jong, after listening to foreign radio, fired a captain named Choi in front of 100 staff. Choi owned more than 50 ships. It is reported that one of his collaborators informed the administration about this that Choi was listening to the banned foreign radio station. According to an official, Choi was previously a radio operator in the military and started listening to foreign broadcasts.

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