Did you know that in order to save you don’t have to stop spending? Tips for saving money after returning from vacation

Did you know that in order to save you don’t have to stop spending? Tips for saving money after returning from vacation

Counting your expenses, changing cars for public transport or taking advantage of restaurant vouchers are some of the tips you can take to ensure that your savings plans in September are not as hard as you might imagine.

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 01 September 2021

The word “save” does not generally bring back good memories, since it requires you to buckle your seat belts and curb the whims that you like to give yourself from time to time. Going to the afterwork, buying the dress that the influencer we love the most, going to the movies with our kids, these are the projects we love to do, instead of watching a movie at home or even knowing the trendy restaurant with your couple instead of cooking something like we usually do on a daily basis.

So that saving is not so boring and does not mean stopping doing what we love, Edenred unveils some of its advantages that will help us save on everyday things to avoid going without our favorite shots.

If you’ve already embarked on the adventure of starting a family, this may interest you.

We don’t mean the sky-high prices for diapers or baby food. We want to bring you solutions. Ticket Nursery is a flexible pay system offered by some companies for mothers and fathers. It is used to simplify the payment of the nursery for your child (as long as he is between 0 and 3 years old) as well as to save you the income tax of the nursery payment. In addition to saving you a little money, it is a way to facilitate access to kindergarten, as well as to reconcile work and personal life. A very simple system that will allow you to set aside money to continue doing that plan your child enjoys so much on the weekends. If your business does not have this service, you can ask them to request it.

Take public transportation to keep going after work every Thursday.

There are a lot of people in Spain who put public transport before private vehicles, and at Edenred they are aware of it. Ticket Transporte allows you to relax your salary and devote part of it to travel by public transport. With this card you can buy public transport tickets, in addition to offering several advantages such as exemption from income tax in this part of your salary, it facilitates management and allows you to help reduce the pollution in your city, which was necessary for many years. . .

The hero who will make your romantic dinner party won’t need to be home.

If you are one of those people who like to try new places instead of having lunch or dinner at home or if you have something to celebrate, but at the same time you need to save money, join Ticket Restaurant! A flexible remuneration model that you can use in a large number of stores throughout Spain, while allowing you to take advantage of promotions and exclusive offers. Who says everything can’t be done in this life?

Flexible pay is one of the great allies of workers, because it brings many benefits and is a fully digitalized system. Certainly, if you start using any of these services, you will notice a big change in your savings and you will find that saving is not as complicated as you think.

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