Did you know that ironing can be a key against stress?

“Does this sound like mindfulness to you?” Also known as mindfulness. It is a technique which, lately, has started to be heard more and more, and which can apparently be the cure for stress and anxiety.

Habrá quién prefiera ir a estrategias más avanzadas, pero lo que dicen algunos estudios y expertos en la materia, es que este tipo de meditación, por llamarlo de alguna manera, se puede practicar incluso, con las tareas más sencillas de casa y planchar es un of them.

There are those who at all costs avoid having to climb the ironing board and fight wrinkles, but this is precisely where the exercise of mindfulness comes from, to perform a task in which the mind is 100% focused, without any type of distraction.

But if you go a little beyond the simple act of ironing, you will find that all the elements that surround the ironing lead to a sensory experience, the fact of smelling the smell of clean clothes, the steam of the iron. and the satisfaction of having crisp clothes, experts say, can be the key to the stress and worries of everyday life.

It may sound crazy and maybe excluded, because just thinking about household chores, “da I don’t know what”. But put to the task, the best will be to choose in an appropriate way the tools which motivate to iron again.

Brabantia ironing products

“Give your board a little rock’n’roll”. The new Brabantia ironing board covers are of the usual Brabantia quality in new industrial colors. Dress the ironing board for success with the new Denim Blue, Denim Black and Spring Bubbles colors. All covers are made of 100% cotton. The inner foam lining will help make the clothes perfect. Soft, durable and perfect for adding a touch of Rock’n’roll to everyday tasks.

Perfect setting

The new covers are available in different sizes to fit all Brabantia ironing boards. Regardless of the size of the board, the covers fit perfectly thanks to the adjustable drawstring and the patented “anti-crease” design that will keep the cover always smooth and taut.

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