“Didn’t you know anything?

Former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz assures us that he knows absolutely nothing about Operation Kitchen or Luis Bárcenas’ espionage and that his former number 2 Francisco Martínez “was false yesterday” when he left. is said to know. This morning, he appears in the National Court as a defendant.

According to legal sources at LaSexta, the former minister, who announced his intention to only answer questions from Judge Manuel García-Castellón and his lawyer, Jesús Mandri, also claims that he should have known of the existence of this police device but no. she met. And it was “a great disloyalty” on the part of his subordinates.

In fact, he says he discovered cooking through the press. Something that even surprised the judge, who even asked him: “But then you didn’t know anything?

The former Secretary of State for the Interior said this Thursday before the judge that the former minister was aware of everything that was happening around “ Operation Kitchen ”, which Fernández Díaz had asked him in July 2013 to find out if this was true. that Sergio Ríos, Luis Bárcenas’ driver, was a confidant of the police.

In this sense, Martínez assured that he had asked the Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) of the National Police, Eugenio Pino, and that he had confirmed it. When he transferred the information to Fernández Díaz, he replied “keep me informed”. Since then, he said, he has reported information on the matter.

The former Interior Number 2 says it was the first time he had evidence of Operation Kitchen. He maintains that this was an operation in which he was not involved, alleging that the police had designed several operations to collect information and that it looked like another.

Martínez says he believed the operation was aimed at obtaining information on possible Bárcenas singers

He also insisted that the operation was legal and that he was not aware of the details of the operation, such as that the ex-treasurer of the People’s Party was being followed. Simply, he said, he knew that the operation was aimed at obtaining information on possible pioneers for Luis Bárcenas and the money movements, not on possible actions against the PP.

In this sense, Judge García-Castellón asked him why Judge Ruz, the prosecution or the judicial police were not informed of the operation, to which he replied that he believed that the facts were transferred to the judicial authority. relevant.

He also admitted that he had received Commissioner Enrique García Castaño because he “was shipping with everyone”. In this sense, he denied that Commissioner Enrique García Castaño had given him a computer to monitor the “Kitchen” device with the discharge of cell phones stolen from the former “popular” treasurer.

On the other hand, the former secretary general of the interior indicated that in April 2012 Fernández Díaz asked him to meet with the former commissioner Villarejo after the director general of the police, Juan Cotino, told him that he had information about the case of Ignacio González’s attic.

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