Diesel tax removal sparks complaints among government partners

Publication: Wednesday October 28, 2020 1:54 PM

Eliminating the diesel tax hike that Citizens said agreed with the government paves the way for budgets to be approved, but it may not be.

Más País, ERC and Bildu, nomination partners of Pedro Sánchez, do not seem willing to give in on this point. For these groups, green measures are essential and could pose a serious obstacle, especially with their coalition partner, United We Can.

MP López de Uralde assured that this tax increase was “necessary” and that there would be “no justification” for the government to withdraw the increase: “It would go against what the European Union request”. “What it shows is that we are all very green until we are no longer interested,” he said wryly.

While Al Rojo Vivo has moved forward, Inés Arrimadas’s party is ready to sit down to negotiate the public accounts once the budgets have incorporated their “red lines”.

According to Citizens, it will not enter the accounts despite its appearance in the draft, because they ensure that the government is committed to eliminate it through amendments. However, the Minister of Finance stressed during her speech after the Council of Ministers that an increase in diesel was envisaged to assimilate it to gasoline, except for professional drivers.

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