digging of sao paulo cemeteries: cemeteries dug for “ two meters of earth ”, new bodies buried and buried in old graves in Brazil

The new strain of Corona virus is brewing in the South American country of Brazil. In the largest city of São Paulo, so many people have died because of the crown, now there is no more space in the cemetery for burial. This is the reason why skeletons are removed in this city by digging up old graves and making space for the burial of new corpses. In the past week, around 60,000 people have died in Brazil. In recent weeks, Brazil has been on top of the world due to the daily death of the corona virus. The epidemic has almost destroyed the Brazilian health service. There is a serious shortage of intensive care beds and oxygen in hospitals. In recent times, most states have restricted the movement of people. Despite this, the corona virus does not take the name of havoc. As of April 1, 9,1097 cases of Corona were reported in Brazil. At the same time, if the data is seen from March 19 to April 1, then this number also crosses 10 lakhs.

New bodies are buried and buried in São Paulo

The remains are unearthed in the cemetery of Villa Nova Cacoirinha, located in the northern part of São Paulo, digging the graves of people buried for years. People working here were given PPE kits to protect them from exposure to human remains. The Sao Paulo City Society said the three-year-old graves were being dug up and the remains found there were being collected in a large container. These containers will be temporarily kept for the time being. Within 15 days, these remains will be buried in other cemeteries. The families of many of the dead buried here also opposed the local government decision. However, the administration is adamant about the forced evacuation of the premises. At the same time, many people also reach the cemetery to see the excavation of the grave of their loved one and take their remains. People also offer flowers when excavating graves.

Death figures in Brazil increase concern, many countries close their borders

Brazil’s health ministry reported 3,769 people died from the Corona virus in the country on Thursday. With this, the total number of people who died from the Corona virus in the country reached 328,366. In Sao Paulo alone, 75,734 people lost their lives. While the total of cases of infection is over 25 lakh. Meanwhile, neighboring Bolivia has closed its borders due to the scale of the new strain of Corona virus in Brazil. This left thousands of people trapped in both countries. Please say that every day millions of people travel from country to country because of their connection to the place. However, now the movement of people has been affected after the ban. Chile also closed its borders to all foreigners on Thursday. The country has also announced a lockdown after the total number of infection cases exceeds 10 lakh. Jose Miguel Bernucci, secretary of the National Medical Association of Chile, said what is happening in Brazil is a global threat. Closing the borders won’t help us with the variants we already have, but we can prevent new variants from appearing.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro refused the lockdown

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has ignored the severity of the epidemic, saying the economy must continue to function so that his condition does not deteriorate. He also criticized the health measures taken by local leaders. On Friday, he appealed to the Supreme Court to overturn the curfew imposed by the two states and the Federal District of Brazil. However, the Supreme Court had previously ruled that the governor and mayor have the right to impose such restrictions. According to the Johns Hopkins University table, the total death toll in Brazil has reached nearly 300,000, just behind the world in terms of deaths from Kovid-19. America still remains at the top in terms of deaths and infections. While India ranks third in the world. The increasing rate of infection, even after vaccination, has raised worldwide concern.

The vaccine is also not affected by the new strains from Brazil!

Several countries neighboring Brazil have expressed concern over the arrival of new strains of the corona virus and the rate of infection. He says Brazil remains fertile ground for new variations. A day earlier, the Brazilian Biomedical Institute Butanton said it had detected a new strain of the corona virus. This strain is similar to the Corona variant first seen in South Africa. The institute also claimed that this variant appears to be more resistant to the vaccine against the corona virus. If this is true, the vaccine will have no effect on this virus. Like the older variants found in Brazil, the South African version is also more contagious. The vaccination campaign in Brazil is also proceeding at a very slow pace. So far, only 7% of people have received doses of the vaccine. President Jair Bolsonar has also been criticized for this.

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