Digital marketing, a training with a lot of labor market

At that time, many people completed their training cycles. However, driven by the characteristics of today’s labor demand – or the very need to take on new challenges – you may feel the need to seek out new areas of training. In these cases, studying digital marketing might be a good option. Emma Llensa, Digital Marketing Consultant and CEO of Insights Digital Marketing Consultancy explains why this training is so useful and versatile

The range of possibilities for any professional trained in digital marketing techniques is wide. The reason is obvious: Whenever the act of selling a product or service occurs, somehow digital marketing is involved. Emma Llensa, digital marketing consultant and CEO of Insights Digital Marketing Consultancy explains that “No matter what you study, training in digital marketing techniques will never be too much, far from it. Any business with a website will want to use this space to attract customers and increase sales. And, to achieve this goal, no one better than an expert in digital marketing ”.

On this growing weight of digital marketing-related positions on the job market, the LinkedIn “Jobs in Boom 2021” report ranks digital marketing experts in seventh place as the most requested profession. And there is more: In the year 2020, the demand for digital marketing jobs, by companies, increased by 61% compared to the percentage of the previous year. Among all these job offers, the three most repeated were: social media coordinator, digital marketing consultant and content generator.

Why study digital marketing?

People dedicated to this industry typically have flexible profiles, which combine general analytical knowledge and skills, with more specific skills aimed at executing a digital marketing action plan in a differentiated, technical and creative way. Emma Llensa explains that “a good professional expert in digital marketing must acquire this basic knowledge to add later his own professional and creative experience”. Insights Digital Marketing Consultancy CEO gives reasons to study digital marketing.

Ability to develop creativity to the maximum

If, in addition to being interested in working in the field of digital marketing, you wish to promote innate creativity, this training will allow you to develop, 100%, various strategies in the development of advertising campaigns, market research , analysis and sales.

Be on top of social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. A well-trained social media professional will be able to offer their skills to businesses. These skills are in great demand by companies, which need to implement strategies capable of meeting the demand for their products and services. Or, also, open the door to potential customers by generating quality content.

Acquire various knowledge

Studying digital marketing gives access to areas of knowledge as diverse as advertising, design, research, communication strategy.

Meet lots of interesting people

The basis of the work of an expert in digital marketing, developing strategies to communicate with him. For this, the digital marketer must know his customers very well. Also, you will have to interact with many people, institutions and brands.

Qualities of a digital marketer

In recent years, digital marketing has had an increasing weight in the commercial strategies of companies. However, as Emma Llensa explains, “there is no doubt that in the current global economic context, characterized by the consumer crisis caused by the coronavirus, the weight of digital marketing in the commercial strategies of companies has multiplied “. This is digital marketing, a space reserved for creative professionals, extroverts and entrepreneurs.

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