Digital transformation already represents 22% of the most requested services by entrepreneurs and managers of HR companies

Digital transformation already represents 22% of the most requested services by entrepreneurs and managers of HR companies

The barometer for the month of June prepared by Nexian, the first national network of HR services, sought to know which is, at present, the service of human resources companies the most valued by entrepreneurs and managers.

The planning, execution and monitoring of all tasks related to a personnel selection process was, with 38% of the votes, the service most requested by participants in the Nexian Barometer. “The recruitment, selection and management of talent within companies are, in times of strong competitiveness like the one in which we live, crucial issues to guarantee the continuity and growth of many companies in all types of sectors”, says Alana Rincn, Director of Digital & People at Nexian.

The development of internal training plans, their design and implementation was, according to the same Nexian study, the second human resources department with the highest demand among users, with 30% of the votes received. According to Alana Rincn, “continuous improvement and the need to update knowledge or acquire new skills are the raison d’être of training plans within companies”, for which it is essential to have experts able to identify exact needs and opportunities in order to optimize any investment in this regard. Thus, more and more companies rely on companies specializing in human resources to carry out this type of action internally.

Third, with a significant 22%, entrepreneurs and managers stress the importance of having the support of experts in the implementation of the digital transformation processes in which companies are immersed, or of launching them in those who have it. need to maintain their economic activity. “Market demands demand that people, teams and businesses in general have the digital capabilities and tools that enable different business goals to be achieved at all times,” says Rincn, “for which there is a need to establish a roadmap designed by experts in the field, to develop all the frameworks that allow its implementation, and carry out the follow-up and subsequent evaluation of the plan, issues for which many companies are not prepared ”.

In last position, and as the Nexian report reveals, there are currently issues such as interim services or consultancy in human resources processes.

In summary, the Nexian June barometer shows that “companies tend to focus all of their efforts on practical and short-term goals, such as business, so that they cannot devote resources to others. subjects necessary to maintain their leadership position. , such as those related to human resources and the management of professionals within the company. For this reason, the demand for this type of service in specialized companies like ours is increasing, ”concludes Alana Rincn.

The objective of the company RH Nexian, with 22 operational offices throughout the country, when carrying out these monthly barometers, is to create a history of reports that allow it to integrate the results into its work processes, into the different areas of your specialization.

Nexian has created a new space within its website, Tu Espacio Nexian, in which the company publishes both the questionnaires that will allow it to prepare these specialized reports and their results.

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