Digitization and consulting, keys to business survival

The crisis produced by the Coronavirus has caused a frankly complicated situation for hundreds of thousands of businesses, even more for small and medium-sized businesses.

A period that forced us to take a firm and decisive step towards the digitization of all areas of the company. Not only to keep the business of working with telecommuting during the pandemic months – an aspect that many of them have maintained – but in other very defined areas of the business.

The need to focus on purely commercial activity also made these SMEs aware that they carried out a large number of mechanical tasks on a daily basis, which did not provide much added value and which, given the heights, could be automated. .

Indeed, during the presentation of the “White Paper on the digitization of SMEs after Covid-19”, the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, stressed that small businesses had progressed in six weeks. things “the government planned to work on” for four years.

In this sense, PayFit has been one of the most important agents of this change process for hundreds of thousands of businesses. Not just in Spain, but in France – where he comes from -, in the United Kingdom and in Germany. Its system allows you to convert administrative tasks into a fast, simple and intuitive task, saving time and management errors.

The importance of having advice: vital in these times

But digitization was not the only task they had to tackle to survive in these difficult times. Having legal and accounting advice has become essential to know at all times the situation of the company, its claims, its options and the legal frameworks created ad hoc in recent months.

And the union of these two elements allows hundreds of companies to focus in this difficult period on the development of their business model with all their work force.

In this way, PayFit, aware of this double need for SMEs, also wanted to help in this facet and concluded an agreement with the management company FLM Experts and the law firm Simmons + Simmons. All in order to be able to manage the most relevant data of a company from a digital system with the legal and accounting support of two leading companies in their sectors.

PayFit will collect and transfer directly to Simmons + Simmons all the information available on its platform for the proper development of the employment advice in question. While FLM Experts, having access to the PayFit platform, they will be able to collect the working information necessary for the accounting closure of any company.

“All centralized management in one place. This allows us to take a step forward in the service we provide to our customers, who, after all, are our greatest concern. With this we will be able to offer legal and accounting advice to provide a more comprehensive service ”, says Yoann Artus, Country Manager of PayFit in Spain.

Once again, as it is the rage in these times of pandemic, it is shown that the future of companies lies in technology and a human resources policy that truly places employees at the center of its strategy. Digitization and the ability to adapt employability in the present day will be essential for the survival of businesses in the post-Covid era and for this you must always have confidence that they are advising you correctly and optimizing use. of technology.

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