Dinosaur discovery: four-year-old girl discovers dinosaur footprints: four-year-old girl discovers dinosaur claws

A four-year-old British girl has discovered dinosaur footprints. It is believed that based on this discovery, one can understand how these dinosaurs moved. The traces Lily Wilder discovered at Barry’s Bendrix Bay date back 220 million years and are still safe.

These marks are 10cm long and the dinosaur is 75cm high. National Museum of Wales curator of paleontology Cindy Howells described the latest find as the best mark on the beach.

How would that dinosaur have been
Lily was walking on the beach with her father when she saw the mark and showed it to her father Richard. Richard showed the photo to his wife Sally, who spoke to the experts. Based on the footprints, it is believed that the dinosaurs would have walked on both hind legs and eat small animals and insects.

Previously, footprints found here were seen as crawling animals like crocodiles instead of dinosaurs. New traces will be kept from here at the National Museum in Cardiff. Bendrix is ​​a coastal area between Barry and Sali. It is an important paleontological site.

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