dinosaur sitting on a nest of eggs: it’s the first time! Dinosaur found on nest full of eggs, children inside, all shocked

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Scientists have discovered a major discovery of a dinosaur in Ganzhou City, city of China’s Jiangxi Province, which sits on its eggs, these giant bird-shaped dinosaurs are around 14.4 million years old .
Scientists made a major discovery in the city of Ganzhou, located in the southern part of China’s Jiangxi Province. Chinese scientists have found the remains of a dinosaur that rests on a 24-nest egg that turned into a fossil. This dinosaur is called the oviopter or the egg thief. These giant, bird-sized dinosaurs belong to theropod species and range from around 14.4 million years to 66 million years ago.

The dinosaurs and eggs found in China are around seven million years old. Some eggs are also present inside the fossilized eggs. This is the first time that researchers have discovered a non-avian dinosaur sitting on a nest filled with eggs. University of Greece specialist Dr Shundong Bei said that it is very rare for a dinosaur to protect its nest. He also has many fossilized children.

This is the first time that the fetus has been found inside the eggs
Shundong Bee said it was the first time a non-avian dinosaur has been found sitting on its egg-filled ghoul and it is a magnificent specimen. Previously, scientists have found many dinosaurs that have been found on their eggs filled with eggs, but this is the first time that the embryo has been found inside the eggs. Dr Lamanna, co-author of this research and biologist at the Natural History Museum in the United States, says such a discovery is one of the rarest in dinosaurs.

Dinosaur and its eggs

Another Chinese expert, Dr Shu, says this rare find should provide a lot of wonderful biological information. We will learn a lot from this fossil for many years to come. Scientists have found an incomplete skull and stone tablets (gastroliths) inside the stomach of this dinosaur. This stone was eaten by dinosaurs to digest their food. It is believed that this stone may give new information about the food of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Killed Their Children Saving Them
A total of 24 fossilized eggs were found in the dinosaur nest. Looking at the dinosaur, it looks like it is going through the hatching process. It was also revealed that this dinosaur was killed while hatching eggs or saving children. This dinosaur lived on eggs from its body heat. Children were found in the pit of seven eggs. Doctor Lamanna says the dinosaurs were the caring parents of the child, and this dinosaur gave up on saving his child.

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