Dinosaur tooth discovered: T Rex dinosaur tooth discovered in the United States: Child discovers a dinosaur tooth in the United States

A child from Colorado, USA discovered the teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex. Jonathan Sharpantier, an eighth grade student on a hike in Boulder County, found this important clue about dinosaurs. Sharpantier said he didn’t think what he found would be so interesting, but he emailed the Denver Museum of Nature and Science about it.

Jonathan told KCNC: “I never thought of anything like this. It was brilliant and entered my eyes. When I picked it up I had no idea it was a dinosaur tooth. When I got home I washed it, then I knew it wasn’t a stone but something else. Jonathan donated this tooth to the museum, which confirmed his T-rex.

Claw claws were made in village in China, 5-year-old said 13 million-year-old dinosaurs belonged to
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It is a species that lived here 60 million years ago. Dinosaur curator Joe Sartition told KCNC that this area was an important T-rex area and finding this tooth could go a long way in the realm of research. He said the team would revisit this area, possibly with Jonathan. More bones will be found here and hopefully more evidence of T-rex will be found.

Photo: Denver Museum

The children have already researched
Earlier, a four-year-old British girl discovered dinosaur footprints. It is believed that based on this discovery, one can understand how these dinosaurs moved. The tracks Lily Wilder discovered in Barry’s Bendrix Bay are 220 million years old and are still safe. At the same time, a five-year-old boy in China discovered the claw mark of a 130-million-year-old dinosaur.

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