Dinosaur with night vision A small bird like a creature named Shuvuuia could hunt in the dark: This unique dinosaur like chicken, lived in the desert, was also used for hunting in the dark

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As soon as the dinosaur is named, our mind comes to the mind of a demon.
As soon as the dinosaur is named, a spirit comes to our mind. Although all dinosaurs are giant, it doesn’t have to be. Dinosaurs of the Shuuwiya species were found in the Mongolian desert around 65 million years ago. These chicken-sized dinosaurs were very small to see but a force separated them from the other dinosaurs. The Shuuwiya dinosaurs had an “extraordinary” ability to see and hear at night, even at night, allowing them to hunt easily in the dark.

Recent research on the fossils of the Shuuwiya dinosaur has revealed that the chicken-shaped dinosaur is comparatively the largest of the other dinosaurs. Experts reported that the Shuvuia dinosaur was a two-legged dinosaur (Theropod). Tiransaurus rakes, considered extremely dangerous in this category, were also used. Shuvuiya was discovered 20 years ago, but since then it has remained a center of attraction for two-foot dinosaur scientists.

Shuvuya has become a subject of wonder for scientists
Like the bird, the skull, brown arms, and bones of Shuvuia with a nail in each hand are the most unique of all dinosaurs. Because of this characteristic, it has remained a subject of wonder for scientists since 1998. The authors of this research believe that the Shuvuiya dinosaurs hunted at night. They used their ears and eyes to hunt small creatures and insects.

This is similar to how animals do in the desert in modern times. This dinosaur used its long legs to run fast. The author of this research, South African professor Jonah Choinière, said that night hunting, digging, etc. are characteristic of creatures found in the desert in modern times. Surprisingly, all of these qualities were found in a single species of dinosaur around this time. This species was found about 6.5 years ago. Let me tell you that only a few creatures like Ulu are able to hunt at night.

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