dinosaurs asteroids: Harvard University study of dinosaur crater reveals impact of comet, not asteroid: in Harvard study, dinosaurs claimed by comets were not erased

Who ended the dinosaur trail from Earth and where did this space object come from? In a recent study, a new claim was made contrary to information provided so far. This study was conducted by Avi Loeb, a renowned astronomer from Harvard University, with undergraduate astrophysics student Aamir Siraj. Avi had earlier come to the discussion of another surprise claim that alien technology had been brought to earth in the form of Oumuamua. Now his new theory has become a topic of discussion again as he claimed that the dinosaurs were in fact destroyed by the comet’s collision, not the asteroid.

Theory so wrong?

Avi and Aamir claimed in their study that the space rock forming the Chikshulub crater originated from the other end of our solar system. Until now, it was believed that this asteroid originated from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. However, research has calculated based on statistical analyzes and gravitational simulations that most of the rocks hitting the Earth originate from the Oort Cloud where long-lived comets reside.

How is the collision?

Research has claimed that such comets are deviating from the path when entering the solar system and the consequences are dire. Siraj explained that the solar system acts like a pinball machine. Jupiter, the largest planet, pushes comets into an orbit that leads them towards the sun. They shatter due to the sun’s gravity, and it is possible for their fragments to strike the earth as they head towards the Oort Cloud.

The comet meets the size of the crater

Research indicates that the probability of such a collision is higher than previous estimates. It also indicates that the size of Chicxulub crater is more similar to the comet coming from the Oort cloud than to any nearby asteroid. Avi says that a thorough study of objects from deep space is needed not only to understand the elimination of the dinosaurs, but also so that future threats can be predicted. (Symbolic image)

How are asteroids and comets different?

Asteroids are rocks that revolve around the sun like any planet, but are much smaller than planets. About 4.5 billion years ago, when our solar system formed, the clouds of gas and dust that could not take the form of a planet and were left behind were left behind. been transformed into these rocks. Comets also strike the sun like asteroids but they are not rocky but are made of dust and ice. When these comets head towards the sun, their snow and dust turn into vapor, which looks like a tail to us.

Oumuamua Tha Alien Craft?

Previously, Professor Loeb was in the limelight when he claimed that the Oumuamua space rock seen on October 19, 2017, was in fact evidence of extraterrestrial life. It was observed by the PAN-STARRS1 telescope at the University of Hawaii. The cigar-shaped object passed close to Earth at a speed of 1.96 lakh miles per hour and was considered a comet or an asteroid. However, Evie says it wasn’t a common space rock.

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