DIRECT. Emmanuel Macron visits the Lot this Wednesday: helicopters, filter dams of the gendarmes and CRS in action

the indispensable Emmanuel Macron is expected in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie this Wednesday at 4 p.m. At 4.15 p.m., the president first discussed with tourism experts and from 5 p.m. strolled through the streets of the village. This Lotois meeting looks like the start of the campaign for the head of state. At 3:30 p.m. in Gramat, before his arrival, a mobilization by the Confédération Paysanne is planned.

The head of state begins his summer tour in the Lot this Wednesday, which will then continue throughout France. “The President would like to know how our fellow citizens went through the crisis, what fears and wishes they have, how they see the future in order to be able to support them better,” assures those around him. Kick-off is therefore in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie this Wednesday from 4 p.m., when the President is expected to speak to industry professionals about tourism. He will then visit the village of André Breton to meet traders, residents, artisans and local producers.

In Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, La Tonnelle, a village brewery, welcomes the President, who then goes to the forecourt of the Tourist Office or waits for the Delirium Flagrants and the staff of the Tourist Office. You then walk down the alley that leads to the church, where the President could decide to enter with Mayor Gérard Miquel. For the time being, the village remains in its usual calm; the open terraces for the enjoyment of hikers. Some tourists didn’t even know the president would be there.

At the tonnelle, Macron is supposed to talk about tourism. The table is ready. DDM Elisa Centis

Several tourism professionals, including Evelyne Marcenac, will address the President.

The dealers wait on their doorstep for an opportunity to see Emmanuel Macron.

In Gramat the mobilization against the politics of Emmanuel Macron has started. At the initiative of the Confédération paysanne, it brings together several collectives and associations from the Lot. Around twenty demonstrators were mobilized at the Gramat roundabout, Route de Saint-Céré. They invite Macron to join them.

The mobilization began in Gramat. DDM Emilien Laquièze

An extensive security system has been set up in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. Several Gendarmerie and CRS vehicles moved into their quarters in the streets of the village on Wednesday morning.

Saint Cirq Lapopie is ready for the arrival of Emmanuel Macron. A security area is available. While a gendarmerie helicopter flies across the sky, 2 km around the gendarmerie barriers control the movements of the users. #SaintCirqLapopie #Lot #Macron

– La Dépêche du Lot (@ LaDepeche46) June 2, 2021

An hour before Emmanuel Macron arrives, the noose is tightened. Police teams carry out mine clearance.

The security forces carry out checks, including equipment for journalists. The security around the mountain village is tightened. #Lot #SaintCirqLapopie #Macron

– La Dépêche du Lot (@ LaDepeche46) June 2, 2021

Local traders and restaurateurs hope that the day will be profitable for their activities.

Saint Cirq Lapopie saw the tourists leave hastily after having lunch on the terrace, others came hoping to meet the President there. The organization is set up and the journalists arrive. #Lot #Macron #SaintCirqLapopie

– La Dépêche du Lot (@ LaDepeche46) June 2, 2021

To greet the president’s arrival, a local group well known to Lotois will be on the decks: the Flagrants Deliriums. As part of Operation Oh my Lot, the group will greet the President with music and fanfare in front of the tourist office.

A welcome committee in Gramat. mobilized

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The Bauernbund 46 mobilized from 3 p.m. to support the movement of striking postal workers, but also to say no to Emmanuel Macron’s policies. “Rurality is happy, but it is also resilient. We will support the postal workers’ movement in Gramat, which follows the same logic as that of the angry peasants, those who denounce job cuts, budget cuts, a climate of inactivity and laws that destroy freedom,” , explains Pierre Dufour, spokesman for the farmers’ union in Lot, who is surprised that his Facebook account was blocked this Wednesday morning after he called for mobilization.

He adds: “We know that it will be impossible to get together in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, so we are improvising this mobilization in Gramat on the Yellow West roundabout, Route de Saint-Céré. Goal No. It’s not about them To mess things up. ” up, but in order to have media visibility on a national level, as Emmanuel Macron wants to talk to people, he is invited to do so with us in Gramat to talk to the striking postal workers. The culture collective and the school without a mask were part of the demonstration. “We want to tell Macron that he won’t silence us,” he said.

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