Direct storage will come on both Windows 11 and Windows 10

Many people have criticized, in many cases rightly, the minimum specifications required for Windows 11. The Redmond giant requires processors to be at least 8th generation from Intel or its equivalent from AMD. This means that three-year-old computers could be obsolete. But some features like direct storage will be present in both operating systems.

But the existence of Windows 11 does not mean that some functions will not reach Windows 10. After all, it is an operating system with over a billion active devices. Direct storage, a legacy Xbox feature, is coming to Windows 10.

Direct storage is also coming to Windows 10

As we reported in June, Windows 11 will use direct storage to help make games run better than ever on Windows. This technology, which requires fast NVMe SSDs, the same that can be found in Xbox Series X consoles | S and allows for reduced load times by modifying the way the data is ready. This will allow PCs to see similar results when developers use this new feature.

When Microsoft introduced their new operating system, they touted this as a unique feature of the operating system. But now it looks like Microsoft will also offer this technology to Windows 10 users. Direct storage preview is available for developers, and it looks like it will be compatible with Windows 10 1909 and later as well.

From Microsoft, they have indicated that while it will be available for Windows 10 in Windows 11, we will have a better experience. With Windows 10, the use of high speed SSD will be slightly advantageous compared to a more similar experience to consoles within Windows 11. A small differentiation but that the two systems will be able to take advantage of this revolution by playing our favorite games . Now Windows will use the hardware better.

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