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The Basics A security perimeter has been set up in the prefectural district this Friday afternoon. A RAID team is about to intervene.

Urban policemen and policemen cordoned off the prefecture’s area around Rue Ducourneau for two hours. In the middle of this street that leads to the Boulevard de la Liberté, a man is holed up in his house.
He is identified. According to our information, he is a former Legion soldier. During the first contact with the police, he is said to have indicated that he could blow up the house he lived in in this residential area. He is known for his skills in handling explosives. According to information gathered on site, he has been at the La Candelie hospital center for the past few days. He had to go back.
Street dwellers who were at home cannot leave their homes. Passers-by are kept away. An intervention team from RAID Bordeaux has been on site for an hour. A first team entered the building, followed by a second around 3:45 p.m.
Checks were carried out on the neighbors. The police seem to have confirmation that the madman lives alone on the first floor of the building. The ground floor seems uninhabited. This element can facilitate the police operation aimed at controlling it.

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