Directed Energy Weapon China Cuba: Havana Syndrome Caused by Pulsed Microwave Energy US Government Study Reveals: Serious Questions Raised in US Embassy Laser Gun Test Report in China-Cuba

Amid speculation over the use of the PLA microbial weapon on Indian troops in Ladakh, the US has made a major disclosure about the use of laser weapons after a lengthy investigation. A long-awaited report from the United States National Academy of Sciences has found that American diplomats in China and Cuba may be ill due to “specified” microwave radiation. The study was carried out by the State Department and the report released on Saturday is said to be another attempt in 2016 to trace the case of US diplomats in Havana suddenly exposed to a mysterious illness. This is called Havana Syndrome. Let’s know the whole story….

Disease for American scientists

The US study found that “high head pressure, dizziness and other problems may have been caused by specified pulsed radio frequency microwave energy.” Although the study does not indicate the source of the energy and does not indicate that she was born after an attack, it was clearly stated that this type of disease appeared in the Soviet Union in the past. In that report, the 19-member committee said they face tough challenges in getting to the bottom of this medical mystery. Symptoms were not the same in everyone, and research by the National Academy of Sciences was unable to obtain the results of all previous studies on the disease, some of which were confidential.

No weapons revealed in investigation report

Committee Chairman David Rillman said: “ The committee has found these issues to be of some concern, not only with regard to the role of the use of specified pulsed radio frequency energy as a mechanism, but also because of the critical issues they are experiencing. Some people are born from it. He said: “As a nation, we must deal with these specific issues and the problems that may arise in the future with a concrete, coordinated and comprehensive approach.” According to the US NBC News report, although this investigative report did not reveal any weapons or intentional use of microwave energy, it does raise a very disturbing possibility.

‘Heckled after a loud voice, difficulty seeing’

According to NBC News, in 2018, U.S. intelligence officials identified Russia as the prime suspect behind the deliberate attacks on U.S. diplomats abroad and CIA intelligence agency agents. However, nothing conclusive emerged in this direction in the last report. During the investigation, American scientists examined more than 40 American diplomats. Many of these people said that they heard a very loud voice and started to feel pressure in their head and after that their head started to move and there was difficulty seeing. Many diplomats have had to deal with many problems for a long time.

“ Russian spies were present when the Americans attacked ”

In 2016, officials at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba complained of vomiting, nosebleeds, and restlessness. After this case it was known as Havana Syndrome. The sonic weapon is said to have been used in secret against US authorities. U.S. officials have also reported similar incidents in China and Russia. He said he was facing such a problem in some rooms of the embassy building. A source said that when the CIA investigated these attacks on the cell phone tracking database, they learned of the presence of some Russian agents in the same city who worked on the microbial weapons program. Other than that, no concrete evidence has been found.

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