Discord could sell its service for more than 10 billion

Communication and chat platform Discord is reportedly considering selling its service for more than $ 10 billion, according to GameBeat. Something unexpected since many people were waiting for its IPO.

Discord sales talks are advanced

Two sources familiar with the issue in question claim that Discord is exploring its options in the face of growing interest from different companies in purchasing the business. One of these sources assures that the company has already signed an exclusive acquisition agreement.

That would mean Discord, which managed to raise $ 140 million in funding rounds in December, would reach a valuation of over $ 10 billion. This would place it as a purchase within the grasp of a few companies.

Discord is seen as a strategic asset when connecting video game companies with their fans in audio and chat communities. The eventual sale is in the hands of its CEO Jason Citron who will have to decide if his company can carry out its mission with another company.

“I know they are in negotiations with several companies,” said one of the sources. “The market is in a state where they could close double-digit deals in the billion.”

Of course, from Discord they don’t make any statements, but the following situation arises, Roblox has managed to stand out in the stock market and its market cap is over $ 40 billion. Now the company must decide whether to venture into the stock market, even if it is too early for them to accept one of the offers or if it stays.

This is not the first time that Discord is investigating a possible acquisition, already in 2018 they studied the offers in 2018 through Quatalyst and rejected them all. Now people are starting to speculate whether Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Tencent, or Epic Games might attempt the acquisition. We’ll see if the situation arises or if this is a new Discord flirtation.

Discord, the resurgence of clubs on Xbox

The acquisition for Microsoft could be very attractive. It would boost your gaming experience on Xbox, which has already made deals with Discord, while it would also do on PC and even go hand in hand with Game Pass.

In this way, Game Pass is further nurtured and Microsoft’s commitment to the gaming world is demonstrated. There is only one problem, Discord is not profitable today. Maybe by changing the servers on Azure and pairing it with Game Pass, they would get the impact they need to take the plunge.

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