Discord rejects Microsoft’s offer and goes public

Negotiations don’t always come to fruition and this is the case with what happened between Discord and Microsoft. The Redmond giant recently acquired big companies like Zenimax Media or Nuance Communications, but it has also lost big battles. Most notorious was the acquisition of TikTok and later the supposed acquisition of Pinterest.

Discord acquisition fails and company goes public

As we have already indicated, this was possible. One of the assumptions raised at the time of the rumor was that this was all a move by Discord to find out the value of the company prior to going public.

For Microsoft, this was an interesting asset because Discord is leading the way in video game communications. It was an opportunity to regain its presence in communications and to gain a powerful ally for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The relationship between the two companies is very good and they just did not come to an agreement. Now it’s Discord’s turn to prove Microsoft wrong and seek growth with the IPO. Of course, the business will be at the mercy of other industry giants who might take over the business.

We hope that Discord will continue to develop and work with Microsoft in the Xbox area. The potential of the messaging app is incredible and Microsoft should take advantage of it to integrate it heavily.

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