discover all the keys to internal and external communication

Corporate communication, more important than ever: discover all the keys to internal and external communication

In March 2020, when the coronavirus had confined and frightened us at home, unable to go out on the streets or go to the office, there was a key aspect and that very few talk about. Beyond the health aspects, drugs, ICUs, the effort of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, transporters, dependents … beyond all this, communication was a fundamental element for overcome these months.

At all levels, being able to communicate by phone, WhatsApp or video call with our loved ones has saved us from more than one worry and from feeling even more alone. Video calling and messaging tools have become our way of socializing every day and of letting our family and friends know that everything is fine, that everyone is healthy. Communication has also helped us find out what is going on outside our own four walls, on the streets, in hospitals.

Internal and external communication, vital during and after the most difficult months of the pandemic

The importance of communication at the social and health level was nonetheless at the work level. And it is that companies have had to resort to internal communication to announce the essential measures and protocols to fight against the coronavirus. Those who were able to telework their employees also had to communicate new routines and new ways of doing activities through a screen. And, beyond all this, communication has humanized the situation; And, although being confined, separated, without the possibility of physical contact, the companies were able to maintain an emotional bond with their staff and they were able to know everything that was happening within their company, even without being able to set foot in the office.

Regarding external communication, this was also important for companies in terms of public dissemination of the measures it was taking with its employees, new strategies, results and CSR actions which have multiplied during the months. most difficult of the year.

The experience of Adecco, Repsol, Deloitte and ISDI

It seems that all of this – and much of it continues to happen today – has prompted companies to reconsider what has started to put communication, both internally and externally, at the center of their strategies. For this reason, the communication and public relations agency Coonic and RRHHDigital are organizing the webinar “Corporate communication, from largely oblivion to a key element today: this is how communication affects the talent management ”.

In it, experts of the stature of Luis Perdiguero, press officer of the Adecco Group; Carlos Venegas, Senior Director of Internal Communications at Repsol; Mara Galdo, communications manager at ISDI; Luis Lpez, Managing Director of Human Resources at Deloitte Spain; and Alberto Berrocal, PR & Digital Director General of Coonic, will discuss the importance of internal communication within companies and provide the keys to effective communication with concrete examples applied to their companies. All this in a debate moderated by Adrin Gonzlez, editor-in-chief of RRHHDigital.

The virtual meeting will take place next Thursday, April 22, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can register by clicking here.

Click here to register for the webinar

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